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Ready for short term and long term results?

Last update August 10th, 2016. As you may know by now, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Ranking on Google, Page 1 results (it doesn't matter you how you call it), takes time.

How Long?

Usually between 3 to 6 months (as a general rule).

So there's two things you can do:

  • You can wait 3 to 6 months until you get results like the majority of businesses do nowadays - no biggie.


  • Combine you SEO efforts with Smart Digital Marketing and start generating calls, clients and income fast while your Search Engine Optimization kicks in.
Igor KatsevDirector, Quality Assurance

I've worked with many SEO specialists, but Jesus Meca is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of digital marketing. While others talk, Jesus delivers the real and great results. He does know what to do with your website to reach the goal. I highly recommend Jesus - don't miss the chance to work with him on your project if you need real results and not talks about them.

Actually, there's a third option: DO nothing. But I don't think you arrived to this site looking for a Portland SEO company to "do nothing" with your online marketing?

Check out how I increased the traffic of this client by a whopping 200,000% in 1 year

The owner of this website approached us with this amazing idea:

He wanted to build a website from scratch on a domain he had "sitting there", and drive tons of targeted traffic to it.

This was a project he'd wanted to launch for a long time.

After building a very complex infrastructure and website architecture, the website started to see some movement in about 4 or 5 months...

...and then the traffic took off.

The visitors to the website are still increasing as we keep improving the website and its infrastructure.

This is a multi-phased project and each of the new phases is a little bit more "ambitious" :).

Inrease in website traffic

From 325 unique visits per month to more than 314,000 unique visits per month in the first 6 months when results started to show up.

How Can You Create Search Results Like These For Your Business?

Well, if you are in Portland, you basically need to be a Portland SEO Expert.

​I assume that you are not, so you will need to hire an agency or company like ours.

However, here are some fundamentals:​

You need to look like a business in the eyes of Google and other Search Engines like Yahoo and Bing...​

Sounds almost silly, right? OF COURSE you are a business!...

Well... how do Search Engines know that?

If you have a small website, you are not present in Social Media, your business is not listed anywhere else, no one is linking to your website you don't have high-quality and optimized content, you don't have a Google My Business profile set up...

...then, you don't look very impressive.

It looks more like you just have a small little website. Or something like a hobby...

That is not going to give you credit​.

And Search Engines are not going to treat you like if you are "the best business" in town (or Country). 

This means they will rank your competition instead of you.​

business growth

Key Pillars to Have a High Quality Online Presence for Your Company

I don’t focus on just “ranking websites”. That is poor SEO. I focus on creating assets for your business that will bring additional value to your company. I want you to have long term results that can make you grow as much as you want it to grow, that adds value to your industry and therefore, becomes a reputable and well-known business in your city, Country or World Wide.

Professional look and visibility

This doesn’t only apply to having a professional responsive website design that looks amazing in all devices (computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones) but applies to every “place” your information is present.

A responsive design is a must as more than 50% of visits to websites are from mobile devices (and growing).

A professional presence implies that you NEED to be in social media, in other relevant directories, have a Google My Business page, be in forums and more.

You may not need ALL of them but the more "places" you are present, the more Search Engines will trust your business online.​

Google is looking for “a presence” not just a simple website.

Good Website Architecture

Creating a “beautiful” without thinking on website architecture is like creating a beautiful building without a strong foundation… it will crumble and fall.

Things like good tiles and description that are not only optimized for Search Engines but for making people to click on your site instead of your competition.Good content that is optimized both for Google, Yahoo and Bing and also for the visitors so they feel confident and hire your services or purchase your products.

Creating website “silos”, schema markup, proper URL structure, rich media content and a whole lot of other technical elements need to be in place if you really want to play in the digital marketing game these days.

The days of “lets through a website and a couple of links” are over.

Business Authority and Good First Impressions

When someone arrives to any of your business properties that are on the Internet, you need to have different elements in place that shows the visitors you are trusted and have what they need.

There are different elements to do this like affiliations, certifications, mentions in the media, testimonials (very powerful if they are video testimonials) and compelling copy to pre-answer potential client questions.

This brings additional Authority to your website and helps it in being more visible in the internet.

And Yes, you will have traffic, rankings, and back-links, but this will be the results of your SEO and Digital Marketing in Portland or anywhere else in the World.