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Tired of “cookie-cutter strategies”, “inflated reports”, “moving slow” and “nonsense” that doesn’t move the needle? We focus on positively impacting your Ecommerce the fastest possible.

Watch this 5 minute video to know how NON Traditional SEO can help your eCommerce store grow.

Our Process

We have a 3 step process: Analysis, Plan building, and execution. It goes like this:

01 Competition Analysis

We analyze your competitors to understand what they’re doing to win. This is the “no reinventing” the wheel approach to gather strategies that work and then adapt them to your store. We’re reverse engineering their marketing and what makes them “pop”.

02 Technical Analysis

Understanding if there are any technical issues that may be making your store stagnant is crucial. We’ll make sure everything is good and market it quickly without taking a month to implement what will make the biggest impact possible.

03 Quick Wins On-site Strategy

This is where we can discover quick-wins based on what you already have going on. It may include a keyword cannibalization analysis, an internal link analysis, deep on-site analysis and then build a strategy on what will make the biggest impact possible.

04 Link Building Strategy

Most eCommerce stores need more links. We will analyze your competitors for specific keywords you want to rank for and find the best approach for your store. We create high quality and relevant links to focus on increasing rankings, traffic and sales.

05 Conversion Optimization

Unless you have this nailed down, we’ll give suggestions or how to create amazing pop-ups that go beyond the 10% discount, help with the product, cart, checkout, and beyond conversion rate optimization. If your email marketing is not on point, we may be able to help as well.

06 Plan Development

After and during our analysis phase we’ll be building a plan for your store based on your goals and budget to grow as fast as possible. It’ll focus on getting the best results in the shortest amount of time while following safe and evergreen strategies.

07 Execution

We implement, grow, communicate, collaborate celebrate wins, and solve challenges we may find. One important aspect of business is to be to discuss challenges and roadblocks instead of only focus on the “happy” moments. Those are easy. We’re here to kick butt and this means looking at the good and the bad, just like real life and real business.

Our Strongest client results

325 To 1.2 million monthly organic visits in 2 years

Strong 2 year growth. Implementation: #Advanced site structure. #International website: 3 languages. #Advanced technical implementation. This websites became the 31,446 most visited website in the World according to Alexa (currently 29,380). There are an estimated 1.5 billion websites online.

518 to 667k organic visits per month in 19 months

Strong 19 month growth. Implementation: #Out of the box SEO strategies. #International website: 15 languages. #Aggressive Linkbuilding #Featured snippets. This website competes with billion dollar companies with 20+ years of online presence. It continues to have a very strong growth trend.

More client results

Some Companies We’ve Helped.

Your Company?

Why Us?


Get targeted SEO, focused on what moves the needle.

Stop spending your budget in corporate analysis and reports that focus on “pretty” instead of $$$$.


For your company, your C-executives & your growth.

You decide to focus on aggressive or moderate growth based on your budget.


We take the tedious work out of your hands.

You won’t need to baby sit us and you will know, minimum weekly what we’re accomplishing for you.

How it works

01 Meet Our CEO

We work with a small amount of clients at a time and our CEO is heavily involved in every campaign. He will be your primary point of contact in every step of the way.

02 Discuss Your Goals

We get on a 30 minute call to discuss things like your company’s vision, your goals, your budget, if we can help and find out if our personalities fit, <== this last one is a big one.

03 Create a plan

No matter if you have a team we can team up with or no team at all, we’ll create a 12-month plan designed to hit your goals, seize the best opportunities to get what you’re looking for, and embark on an exciting partnership and journey to grow your company.

04 Go to Work

We start executing and work closely with you or your team, test strategies, tweak as needed, improvise, and take whatever steps are necessary to create a strong growth path.

We will be heavily invested in working towards your goals almost as if it was our own company where failure is not an option.

05 Celebrate

We’ll celebrate successes with you. We’ll buckle up and double down or efforts when things don’t go as expected.

As you already know, every business has ups and downs. We’re ready for both when they come. Instead of ignoring the bad and celebrating the good, we plan for both, which means, we’re here for the long term growth of your company.

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