Increasing E-commerce Sales by 114% in 30 days


An E-commerce website had a new redesign and the started to lose traffic as a consequence.

This traffic loss was dramatically affecting their sales month after month.


After doing an on-site technical analysis we discovered:


  • Lots of 404 errors: Due to the change of website, the new URL structure changed. We created a full 301 redirection from the old URLs to the new ones.
  • The need to include an HTML sitemap with the top level pages.
  • The need to include an Image XML sitemap as this is a very image based website (to increase crawl-ability and indexation).
  • The need to add pagination to their blog (to increase crawl-ability and internal linking).
  • The need to add breadcrumbs to improve navigability and crawl-ability.
  • Shorten URLs to ones more user-friendly and with fewer words on them.
  • The need to change relative links to full contextual links to improve internal link strength.
  • Deleting duplicate titles, and H tags.

All these changes resulted in the following

(images from Google Data Studio)