Are You Sure You Want To Get In Touch?

I know this may be weird to read, but there are A LOT of businesses out there that have the wrong expectations.

They think they're going to schedule a Zoom call with an agency and talk about how bright the future IS for their company.

I mean, shouldn't a great "salesperson" be "selling" the dream to you, so you can feel good about the future and swipe that Credit Card?


Hold on for a second...

You may be disappointed in 5 seconds.

(and potentially think I'm an a-hole, so I apologize in advance).

In Our Call, You're Likely Going To NOT Feel Great

Here's why:

If you're contacting us, it's very likely your SEO is not where you'd like it to be.

  • You may have worked with another agency before and you're unhappy.
  • You haven't done a very good job with SEO.
  • You're overwhelmed and need to get SEO off your hands (or start with it).
  • You've hit some ceilings and want to break through.

Even if you're doing okay, there is a reason why you want to use part of your day to talk with someone like us.

And I'm guessing is not a "happy reason":

"Jesus, we're doing so good, we're looking to hire an SEO agency"

I don't think so.

I've only had a few instances of companies doing AMAZING with their SEO and crushing all their competitors looking for an angecy.

That means I'll probably be asking questions that could make you uncomfortable.

  • How long has this problem been happening?
  • What made you hire that agency?
  • What are you expecting with that budget if your competitors are 10x bigger?
  • What's making you take action now if you've had this issue for 2 years?

Not your typical happy questions...

There's a chance you may not like me asking them.

Because my goal is to dig deep to see how bad the problem is instead of showing you the promise land, and see if we can provide a solution.

Yep, if you're not ready to "confront your SEO demons", past challenges, and mistakes, we're not going to be able to help.

This means you need to be ready to answer questions like these in addition to having a budget range you want to allocate to solve these problems (which they're likely going to be worst than you may think they are).

One time I heard a phrase that stuck with me over the years:

You Don't Want To Solve A Big Problem With A Small Budget And A Small Problem With A Big Budget.

I'll be looking for big problems...

Because small problems are not really worth solving.

Another word about expectations:

In the extremes, I've found two "SEO extremist" expectations.

  • Companies that want to grow their businesses to millions of dollars yesterday with SEO...
  • Companies that want to compete with organizations 20 times bigger while having 1/1000's of their budget.

It's not going to happen...

We may be good at what we do, and my name is Jesus, but we don't do miracles.

If you're an "SEO extremist", we're not a good fit.

Please go and seek some snake oil salesperson that will sell you a dream bigger than life.

They'll make you happy. For at least 1 minute.




You Think We'll Bring The Same Results As Our Best Case Studies

It's nice to "sell you the dream" and get you excited about what we've done.

We may have even grown companies similar to yours.

I could tell you how "based on past examples similar to your business" we're going to crush it for your company! But that's "salespeople talk".

That's what every other agency out there is going to tell you.

You'll get all these endorphins up, you'll feel great, you'll see a great presentation, you'll see yourself and the company arriving at the promised land...

You know what happens after they "close you", right?

(Even if you think they didn't, which is what great salespeople do).

They get their commission check and... to the next... they're gone.

I'm not pooping on salespeople, but they're not in charge of what happens next.

They're not an integral part of the strategy, campaign, execution, day-to-day operations, communication with you... etc.

You don't really know what you're getting after you sign unless you talk with the person that will be in charge and in communication with you for the whole campaign (I'm not talking about a Project Manager, but the SEO lead that's the brain of your campaign).

If you want a smooth SEO journey that only has growth without any challenges along the way, I'm sorry but you shouldn't hire us or schedule a call.

There's a chance your SEO journey will be full of challenges, even if someone makes you believe it won't.

You're Looking To Work With One Of The Top 20 Biggest SEO Agencies In The Country. 

We usually find companies looking to hire a big SEO agency because of 3 reasons:

  • The person hiring doesn't know much about SEO so it seems safer to hire a big agency.

If they're big, they know what they're doing, right?

If not they wouldn't be that big - But remember what I said about our acquaintance with 6 months of experience running mid-size campaigns? (if not, click here and read the whole thing - opens in a new tab)

  • You're part of a big company and it makes sense for your o hire a big agency because of "size-synergy"...

It's almost like you're afraid the media will find out you're working with a smaller agency and will make your company look bad - which is something some of our clients in the $300 Million+ revenue didn't care about.

If you're afraid of this, please don't contact us.

  • Your Ego is so big, you just need the biggest company, because now you can "peacock" around and show your "I hired a big agency badge". 

First, just don't do that, it looks silly.

Second, not a good fit for us. We're humble (but assertive).

You Want A YES Agency

Do you know what a "yes agency" is?

An agency that will do whatever you ask for.

We don't do that.

And you'll likely get push-back if we think an initiative you want to implement is a bad idea.

If there's an initiative you want to implement, we'll put it to the test in a call and have a discussion about it.

We'll play "devil's advocate".

If it passes the test, we'll be glad, because it would mean there are more probabilities for this initiative to get us closer to your goals than not... 

But sometimes there are more potential drawbacks than opportunities, so we will say no to those.

We've said yes to a ton of initiatives entrepreneurs and marketers bring to the table, most people are smart and they know their business better than us. So ideas are always welcomed.

You want to manage and approve every step of the campaign.

We may still be willing to work with you if in this case.

But we'll add an extra zero to our proposal.

That's a zero to the right of the quote, not to the left, meaning a $10k/mo project becomes a $100k/mo project.

That's how much we love working with micromanagers.

Not wanting to work with micro managers doesn't mean we're going to "go dark" and don't communicate with you. It doesn't mean we are not going to be transparent with what we do.

We communicate and share a ton of things and we'll involve you in the process, but not to micro-manage.

Approving strategies before we get them developed and launched is very welcomed, but don't ask us to send you every "alt-tag" we'll add to your images for approval before we add them.

You're an idiot

I apologize for my one-time profanity, but there are people out there that should not be interacting with other human beings.

I get it, they may have had a rough life, went (or are going) through difficult times, only sleep 4 hours a day, the stress is eating them alive...

There are so many challenges and problems that could make us an idiot (last time, promise).


That's fine.

But if you never hear back from people, nobody wants to go places with you, or everyone just don't want to get close to you, please don't book a call.

(Nerds are welcomed).

If after reading all this you still want to book a call with me, the probability of having a great conversation is high.

You're probably an awesome entrepreneur, marketer, or leader (potentially even the three), and that's just great.

Below this box, you can find "the real booking button".

Looking forward to it.

-Jesus Meca

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