Increasing Ecommerce Sales by 63% in 7 Days Flat

Here’s one way we used to increase conversions for an e-commerce store (this works for any website, really) that brought the fire to the owner. This, when done right, will add more revenue for your company and will get you all pumped.

Do you get pumped up when you see your store selling like hot cakes?

I know I do….

The best thing?

This is in the “instant-gratification” timeline of things.

Doing this brings results QUICKLY. And it’s for e-com stores that are selling already (aka have traffic and purchases).

First of all, here’s an image from Google Analytics from a store we implemented this into – just one product to “test the waters” with the client…

We gave it 7 days, but ultimately compared it with 14 and 30 day time frame, as well.

So, here’s how it works…

Have you ever bought a house or a car?

If so, what are the steps you went through before buying them?

In June 2016, I bought a house and, soon after that, a car… the most important part of both purchasing processes had something to do with the experience and visuals.

For the house, it was to was to visit the neighbor, check the front yard and backyard, then get into the house, check the rooms… you get it.

And, for the car, it was the test drive.

Both of these things have something in common that can be applied to e-commerce sites.

While you can’t teleport someone inside of the screen they’re in front of or have a 3D and sensory experience (VR will get there at some point), you can make people come closer to that experience.

Do you know what is the second largest search engine?


And what is YouTube all about?


That’s it.

The secret is out 😉

It may not be a big secret? Well, check how many e-commerce stores have video…not too many, right? Some are getting there, but adding video is going to be (is already) big.

If the second biggest search engine is video, people are consuming video like crazy…

… but other than watching music videos, people eating, makeup videos, or any of the trending videos online, why is video a good move for your e-commerce store or your website in general?

Because, if done right, it’ll increase conversions. But, why, though?

The reason is simple. It’s a closer experience to being “there”: touch it, smell it…

… it gives bits of information to our senses- more than just a picture: you can see a person wearing it (if it’s clothing), a person using it (if it’s a tool), you can feel the “personality” of a brand, see how “you” will look like (that’s for another writing: why we think we’ll look like the models we see wearing stuff or driving nice cars).

In addition to that, you can add voice over with a well crafted message explaining the benefits, why most people use/wear/buy it…

And, if you want to go the extra step, you’ll actually have a real person talking to the camera like a lot of the products that we see in YouTube by “Influencers”, Youtubers, brands, unboxings…. Have you heard of QVC?..

Side note: If your “thing” is to send products to influencers so they can make a video and share it with their audience but your product is too big to send it, invite them to your showroom/store/place to have them review it on-site :).

Here’s the “template” (not even optimal but it works) we got in place.

Are there any extra benefits about using video?


If you know something about YouTube optimization and you get your videos optimized, guess what?… more traffic to your website!

And, it doesn’t stop there…

You can adapt your videos for Instagram, Facebook ads, remarketing, and a bunch of other things!

Hey, Jesus, what if I have thousands of products? How do I prioritize?

Here’s what I’d recommend doing:

Start with your best selling product (or a product that sells quite a bit).

Create a video, add it to the product, and gather information about how your audience responds.

It’s very important that you have already mapped out your audience: age, gender, what they like, what they don’t, their personality, etc., in order to know what’s “hot” for them…

So, no, it’s not the same to sell to females that like Harley Davidson than to a teenager that likes bubble gum…

You can even create a couple of these videos and do an A/B test to discover what style fits them the best. 

After you have found which video increases conversions the most, double down on the rest with that style and message.

Why do it with your best selling product?

Usually, it’s the one that receives more traffic and purchases. This means you can gather information quickly.

Now, in order to do this, I also recommend stopping any other changes you may be planning to execute for that product. This could be website copy, changes in your traffic generation efforts, or anything that could vary your customers behavior (as much as you can).

This is not as easy done as said because if you’re running a lot of FB and Instagram Ads, you may be tweaking things constantly… but freezing the changes for a bit will make your data more accurate and reliable.

You will also need to take into consideration other things like seasonality, but you can always cross-check with previous years instead of the last week, 15, or 30 days if you have a seasonal product.

I’ve seen this in all kinds of verticals. Check this one out as an example:

Are you ready to get your videos up and running?