Non-Traditional SEO vs Traditional SEO

Different Approach

Traditional SEO has fundamentally been focused on creating cookie-cutter systems that are applied to every company without taking into consideration the company’s unique challenges. Same thing applied to every company.

NON-Traditional SEO focuses on your business specific challenges when it comes to grow your website’s traffic and revenue. That means creating a strategy that is tailored to YOU, instead of a cookie cutter solution applied to every other company out there. Your business is unique and needs unique strategies.

The technical analysis goes over pretty much every aspect of your websites technical SEO elements


In order to perform this analysis we mainly use:

🗹 Screaming Frog: Which allows us to scrape your website in search of errors, patterns and problems that are causing or may cause with your website. 

🗹 Google Search Console: Which allows us to search for additional issues your website may have. From indexation issues to crawling errors.

🗹 Google Spread Sheets: To add, sort, analyze and present the data

🗹 Useloom: To record walk-through videos with explanations, observations and analysis.



Snapshot of part of the keyword difficulty distribution analysis

Traditional SEO is not flexible. You sign a contract with a specific scope that’s written in stone. If you want changes you will need another proposal, another contract, another SOW and a different timeline that may or may not conflict with your company’s goals.

Because NON-traditional SEO is focused on your company’s goals, we are not tied to specific scopes or strategies, we focus on what will likely make your growth to be the fastest possible. Do we need a change in strategy? We’ll execute and do it in no time.

The keyword gathering evolves into finding quick wins we can attack right away.

When we have a keyword difficulty grading (KD) we find keywords between 5th and 15th positions, cross check with the current KD grading and then select those that will be easier to move up in the rankings.

Sometimes the position filtering is based on the number of keywords your website is ranking for. Focusing on 150 keywords is more feasible than focusing on 10,000 keywords.

At this point we have a group of keywords:

🗹 Ranking at the bottom of page 1 and top of page 2. Keywords we can focus on ranking.

🗹 Graded in a way we know we can compete with and push to the top or middle of the first page.


Communication and Feedback

Traditional SEO communication is focused on output only and it doesn’t take into consideration input. That means you may receive a report twice a month, one a month and some phone calls here and there explaining you what the report means.

With NON-traditional SEO we’re highly focused on constant output giving you a clear vision of what we’re doing and we seek your feedback and input in order for us to learn more and more about your business and potentially find new angles and more opportunities for growth.

We become your outsourced internal SEO team.


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